Alumnus launches TV Animation Series about sports

Hi, everyone! A quick update about me. I’m a bit outside the Sports Industry this year. After the experience as Venue General Manager in the last Summer Olympic Games, I took a year off to dedicate to creative projects.

One of these projects is a TV Animation Series for pre-school children, called “The Bolecos”. It uses sports as the main theme to bring entertainment with a bit of educative content. It tells the stories of The Balldog, a round dog that looks like a football. It loves to play with his friends Doddora, the striker scientist girl; Otto, the left-footed super strong boy; Luan, the boy who never cuts his hair and finds funny things in there; and Bea Dreamer, a super creative girl who loves soap bubbles. Together, they live fantastic adventures while looking for the missing ball.

The good news is that the project has just been selected for the Animation Pitching Sessions of Ventana Sur Festival, one of the biggest audiovisual festivals in Latin America!

Among over 180 animation projects in development from 14 countries, only 16 have been selected for the Festival, being 8 for TV projects and other 8 full length projects from Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil. The other Brazilian project is “Arca de Noé” (Noah’s Ark), produced by Walter Salles, the acclaimed director of the award-winners movies Central Station, The Motorcycle Diaries and On the Road.

The Ventana Sur Festival takes place from 24 to 30 November in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I will be presenting the Pitching to experienced producers, consultants and TV channels from Americas and Europe. This endorsement will help on the next phases of the project, which include negotiation with TV channels and funding. I hope your keeds will whatch it soon!

The Teaser in English can be whatched here:


Alexandre Almeida (11th Edition)