FMA Committee President Martin Kaswurm's TED Talk

A few weeks ago, Martin Kaswurm (Class of 2014), currently the FMA Committee President, presented at the TEDx MCInnsbruck about his visionary endeavour: the creation and promotion of Snow Volleyball, and how that sport may help the IOC to further popularise the Winter Olympic Games.

TEDx YouTube channel says the following: “The Austrian entrepreneur Martin Kaswurm has travelled the world exploring new possibilities and bringing them back to his home country Austria. From the FIFA Masters program in Europe to Harvard Business School in the US, Martin‘s passion for sports has fuelled his desire to analyse it from all angles, rethinking what‘s possible. Therefore, 10 years ago, at the age of 23, Martin founded his sports marketing agency Chaka2, which serves reputable brands like Red Bull, Audi and Adidas. Besides his busy schedule as an entrepreneur, Martin is a sport marketing lecturer at the University of Salzburg and serves as the current president of the FIFA Master Alumni Association”.

Enjoy the talk!