Led by FIFA Master Alumnus, Spanish club instates remunerated menstrual leave

The San Fernando Club Deportivo established a pioneering measure in sports entities. The club has reformed its internal labour code and, since last May 11, all female employees are entitled to the so-called "menstrual leave". 

This permit offers the possibility of having a day off to face the most painful moment of the menstrual cycle caused by conditions such as dysmenorrhea. Workers will be able to benefit from this option without having to justify their absence. 

In this way, the entity takes a new step forward to promote a good atmosphere and satisfaction in its employees, one of the fundamental pillars in the company.

Club President Louis Kinziger, a FIFA Master alumnus from the 19th edition, said: “Today, football is everyone's game, and at the San Fernando Club Deportivo, the women are not only part of my team; they often endorse the role of captain, leading the entity in many ways, allowing it to achieve the impressive changes it has known since my arrival here.”

You can read Louis' full statement on Linkedin.