The Quarterly Interview #28: Francisco Porras Lima

The Spaniard Francisco Porras Lima is yet another example of a successful professional leaving a positive mark in the sports world who has come from the ranks of the FIFA Master in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport. A lawyer by trade, he is currently the Director of Governance and Institutional Affairs at the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), in Lausanne, Switzerland. Francisco graduated from the 8th edition of the course in 2008 and joined the FEI very soon afterwards. “It was just two weeks after completing the FIFA Master that I joined the FEI, where I’ve had the opportunity to hone my skills and develop my professional career for the past eleven years”, he recalls. 

Good governance of international sports federations is a high priority in today’s sports world agenda, and it is Francisco’s role to ensure that the FEI continues the work initiated over ten years ago and maintains the highest standard of good governance in the Federation’s structure and daily functioning.  

“There are number of actions taken in 2018 that have contributed towards enhancing and strengthening the governance of the FEI”, Francisco explains. “Among these I can highlight the adoption of the FEI Safeguarding Policy against Harassment and Abuse, the adoption of the FEI Code on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions, the activation of the campaign “Be true, Be you, Believe in Equestrian” at the FEI World Equestrian Games  and the modification of the FEI Statutes to include important statutory provisions such as gender equality or the promotion of a safe sporting environment.”  

Francisco actively contributes to the current public debate about governance of international sports federations through different initiatives such as the International Partnership Against Corruption in Sport (IPACS). “Working hand in hand with the IOC and the Association of Summer International Olympic Federation (ASOIF) towards a better governance of international sports federations, setting and harmonising the highest standards of good governance, is a really rewarding job”. 

Here is more of the interview with Francisco Porras Lima: 


FMA Quarterly: What is the thing that you love about your job? 

Francisco Porras Lima: First and foremost, I love the FEI team. It is an absolute pleasure to work at the FEI where, over the past few years we have built a remarkably professional, talented and friendly team. This is complemented with a group of volunteers that populate the FEI decision making bodies and the different Committees with their in-depth knowledge and expertise. Servicing the equestrian community worldwide is also a highly satisfying task. Likewise, my work allows me to travel around the world, meet extraordinary people and interact with so many different cultures which is definitely enriching.  


FMAQ: Do you still remember why you did the FIFA Master? 

FPL: I surely remember! I wanted to work in sport management at an international level and the FIFA Master was the perfect route to achieve this goal. The FIFA Master was extremely valuable, both at personal and professional level. On a professional level, the FIFA Master gave me the necessary tools and confidence to develop my career in the sports world whilst also providing me with a strong network which is a precious asset in any industry. On a personal level, it allowed me to fulfil my childhood dream of working in the sport industry. It also allowed me to find a number of life-long friends. 


FMAQ: Are you still in touch with classmates or other alumni? How important is that network for you?  

FPL: Yes, I am still in touch with many alumni, not only with classmates from my edition but also from other editions. I am convinced that the alumni network is one of the greatest assets of this course. I cannot think of any other sport institution, academic or not, that has over 500 people working in more than 100 top international and national sports organisations. It is also really comforting to know that they are just one click away and you can contact any of them at any moment. 


FMAQ: How important was the FIFA Master for your career? 

FPL: Tremendously important. I am sure I would not be enjoying my current job if I hadn’t done the course. 



Francisco Porras Lima, Spanish

Director of Governance & Institutional Affairs at the International Equestrian Federation (FEI)

FIFA Master Class: 2008 

Married to: Susana Camacho Romero, father of Mateo, 5, and Pablo, 3 years old 

Favourite sport: Equestrian, football, tennis

Favourite team: Real Madrid CF

Favourite sport’s personality: John Patrick McEnroe Jr.


Favourite sport’s moment: Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.