The Quarterly Interview #30: Rhali El Amrani

Before joining the 12th edition of the FIFA Master, the Moroccan-Canadian Rhali El Amrani worked as a corporate banker, but his dream had always been to work in the football industry.

According to Rhali, the knowledge, and especially the network provided by the master allowed him to secure a position with the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) in Qatar, not long after graduation, in July 2012. At the SC, he took on numerous roles and worked with a wide range of sports organisations, drawing on the lessons learned at the FIFA Master, and always benefitting from the alumni network.

Currently, Rhali is the SC’s Head of Sport Education. In his role, he leads the development of the local workforce for events being held in Qatar, with the ultimate objective being the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. “The Sport Education team and I basically organise knowledge transfer programmes across the globe during major tournaments (mainly football and the Olympics). When not involved in international tournaments, I support the delivery of courses, info-sessions and workshops to present the lessons learned, challenges and opportunities identified after each of these events – and which we could benefit from. Most recently, I have taken on the responsibility of the project management office for the upcoming 24th Arabian Gulf Cup and FIFA Club World Cup™  organised in Qatar”, Rhali explains.

Rhali remembers that it was during the 2006 FIFA World Cup, in Germany, that his desire to work in football flourished. But it was four years later, at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, that he decided that he was going to pursue that path. “That’s when I became convinced that working in football was what I truly wanted… and what better way to achieve this than applying to and graduating from the FIFA Master?”

His brother, Hicham, was the president of the FIFA Master Alumni at the time, and was responsible for organising the association’s world gathering, which Rhali attended as a guest. He says: “my brother was always a true inspiration for me, and he played a pivotal role in providing me with the right advice and support whenever needed.” To Rhali, the FIFA Master Alumni is literally family. Read more of the interview with Rhali El Amrani:

 FMA Quarterly: What is the thing that you love about your job? And what is its biggest challenge?

Rhali El Amrani: Being a football lover all my life, fact that I am involved in football, and more specifically in the World Cup, is undoubtedly something I love about my job. The biggest challenge I face is the multitude of tasks and interdependencies linked to the delivery of a major football event.  On a daily basis, there are challenges to overcome and risks to manage.

 FMAQ: What would you say was the biggest achievement of your career so far?

REA: The successful delivery of the transfer of knowledge programmes we delivered during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia was one of my biggest professional achievements. Another milestone for me was my involvement in the delivery of local events, which resulted in the opening of two FIFA World Cup stadiums - definitely moments I will always remember.

 FMAQ: Are you still in touch with classmates or other alumni? How important is that network for you?

REA: I am still in touch with the core group I spent time with during my edition of the master. They all came to my wedding, back in 2015, and we will hopefully reunite again very soon. And I keep in touch with alumni from different years too. Every time I travel for work, there seem to be alumni working at the organisations I visit.

 FMAQ: What advice would you give to candidates interested in the FIFA Master?

REA: I would tell them to never give up on their dreams and to be patient, even if they don’t get accepted the first time. The FIFA Master was one of the best years of my life, both in terms of interacting with other cultures, and also learning massively about the sports industry. I also learned a lot about myself. The most important lesson I learned from the course was the importance of contributing to the classroom and being a team player.



Full name:  Rhali El Amrani

Birthday: 15th August 1984

Nationalities: Morocco, Canada

Job Title: Head of Sport Education at the Supreme Committee For Delivery & Legacy

Married to: Sarah Odeh; father of Ayla El Amrani, 15 months old

Favourite sport: Football

Favourite team: Juventus FC

Favourite sport’s personality: The one and only Alessandro Del Piero

Favourite sport’s moment: Morocco’s performance at the 98 FIFA World Cup in France