The Quarterly Interview # 34: Shoko Tsuji

The Japanese Shoko Tsuji is yet another talented woman who benefited from her FIFA Master experience to boost her career in sports. She had already studied Sports Sciences at Waseda University, in Japan, and then did a Masters’ degree in Sports Journalism in Spain, when, in 2012, she got her first gig in sports – as an intern at the renowned Diario AS, for a few months. “Right after that I was lucky to land a job in Barcelona, where I was responsible for doing TV production for the rights holding broadcaster of La Liga”, she recalls. “I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the football industry and I truly enjoyed broadcasting the Clásico, interviewing La Liga players and managers, and travelling around the world to produce football documentaries”.

However, during her five years in Spain, she could already see the world shifting from traditional broadcasting to online streaming, and Shoko felt that she needed to make the transition as well. “Therefore, after completing the FIFA Master, I joined MyCujoo, an innovative OTT platform, as it seemed like the perfect opportunity to move into the digital space and also explore the long-tail of football”, she says. In her first role at MyCujoo, she was based in Singapore and responsible for the “AFC Live Streaming Project”, where she worked alongside the Asian Football Confederation to implement live streaming within its member associations. A year later, she moved to the Amsterdam HQ, where she is currently responsible for creating and implementing a global strategy to support MyCujoo’s partners and help them achieve their strategic objectives.

In addition to all that, Shoko has recently co-founded a new venture called SPORT GLOBAL ( “Having worked overseas during the last decade, I have seen how the Japanese (and Asians in general) are hugely underrepresented in international sport organisations, despite the constant discourse of ‘The Future is Asia’. I have also experienced first-hand how challenging it can be to get a work permit outside my own country”, she explains. “One of the key issues I identified was the lack of information and guidance for those aspiring to go abroad. That is why together with two friends, I created SPORT GLOBAL, a one-stop platform that inspires, informs and empowers Japanese students and professionals to pursue an education or career in sport overseas”

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FMA Quarterly: Why did you choose to do the FIFA Master?

Shoko Tsuji: I first found out about the FIFA Master during my third year at Waseda University. I was strongly drawn to the international, multidisciplinary nature of the course and from that moment onwards, it was always on my agenda. When I was in Spain, I had the opportunity to work with Tsuneyasu Miyamoto, former captain of the Japan national team, who played in 2 World Cups, and had graduated a few years before me, and he spoke very highly of the course as well.

FMAQ: How important was the FIFA Master for your career?

ST: It was definitely a turning point for me. It allowed me to reset my sport career and opened my mind to new perspectives and opportunities. The experience of thinking critically, exchanging ideas and working together with colleagues from different nationalities and backgrounds prepared me for my role today, where I am working across multiple departments in a multicultural environment. The vast network of FIFA Master alumni worldwide has also been a huge asset to me both on a professional and personal level. Knowing that I can reach out to someone from the network to seek advice in any country on any topic is a true privilege.

FMAQ: Are you still in touch with classmates or other alumni? How important is that network for you?

ST: Yes, every single day!  I currently work with alumni on a daily basis, and when I was relocated to Malaysia, Singapore and the Netherlands, it was the alumni in these countries that helped me to settle down and with whom I developed the strongest friendships. Although it has been three years since I graduated, I feel that the FIFA Master experience is still ongoing and I always look forward to catching up with alumni at different events and locations around the globe.


Shoko Tsuji, Japanese

Head of Partnership Success at MyCujoo;
Founder of

FIFA Master Class: 2017 

Favourite sport: Football

Favourite team: Yokohama F. Marinos

Favourite sport’s personality: Xabi Alonso

Favourite sport’s moment: Japan beating Iran in extra time in November 1997, qualifying for the FIFA World Cup for the first time in history.