FIFA Master Alumni



The FIFA Master Alumni Foundation was set up in 2007 as a way for alumni to give back to the FMA and to the CIES/ FIFA Master partnership. The purpose of the foundation is to allow alumni to contribute financially to the current programs and endeavours that typically fall outside of the annual operating budget. 

These projects include, but are not limited to: supporting FMA Gatherings (both international and regional), supporting additional promotion of the FMA to potential applicants, and supporting the efforts of the FMA and our interaction with current students.  

Please take a look at the PDF Brochure and consider contributing to our efforts. Through you support we can reach new heights for the FMA and our careers!

This section of provides you the opportunity to give back to the FIFA Master and the FMA. You can donate money to a specific cause (FMA football kit, upgrading of the website) or to the general FMA foundation. Also this section will be used for paying fees for (World) Gatherings.

You can donate via bank wire or paypal.

To donate via Bank wire:

Bank: BCN Neuchatel
IBAN: CH98 0076 6000 E353 1860 7
Name: The FIFA Master Alumni Association

If you wish to donate via paypal, please send an email to saying how much would you like to donate and we will send you a paypal payment request.

Thank you!